Sometimes a little change makes a big difference. When your neighborhood needs a small project, consider applying for a neighborhood grant.

Neighborhood Services offers grants (up to $10,000) to neighborhoods that are willing to match funding through cash, in-kind donations, professional labor or volunteer hours.


Residents and homeowners associations, or ad-hoc groups of neighbors who notice a need for improvement in one or more of the following areas may be eligible to apply:

  • Character: "place-making" through the creation or enhancement of assets that are a source of neighborhood pride and identity.
  • Leadership: training neighborhood leaders or teams, and developing skills, for neighborhood governance or action.
  • Safety: equipping the neighborhood with knowledge or tools to prevent, prepare for, confront or respond to incidences of crime, danger or disaster.
  • Environment: protecting water & energy resources, and native plants & animals.
  • Health: increasing access to nutritious diets, physical or mental fitness opportunities, or health education.


The Neighborhood Initiative Grant Program application process takes approximately seven months to complete. Attendance and completion of a Grant Information Session is a mandatory step of the application process. Neighbors with a Certificate of Completion date of more than three years are required to re-certify. Below are the upcoming Grant Information Sessions. If you cannot attend in person, please register to attend online.

Cycle 37 Grant Information

Virtual info sessions are now closed for registration. More sessions will be added as cycle planning develops. Please email Neighbor@scgov.net to be included in Cycle 38. 

Neighborhood Initiative Grant Advisory Committee

The Neighborhood Initiative Grant Advisory Committee (NIGAC) is a voluntary group of seven interested citizens who provide recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners pertaining to the Neighborhood Grant Program.

Appointments to the NIGAC are for three-year terms and can be renewed. The NIGAC typically meets twice a year and when needed.

NIGAC Info Sheet